Techno Rising is a growing web design company looking for overseas individuals and web design firms and companies to partner with. These would be existing companies who may benefit by partly or completely outsourcing their web design projects to us. We are also looking for individuals who may have a flair for marketing but do not have much experience in the field of web design, they can benefit by taking advantage of our experience and expertise in this field. We can help them by providing guidance and consultancy in day to day running of their business as well. You may also be a small setup lacking the professional skills necessary to create quality websites that your clients want.

The focus here is on QUALITY and not on volume. We are only looking for service providers who themselves strive to offer quality rather than offer services at cheap prices. We are looking for long term meaningful partnerships where both parties stand to gain from each other.

The majority of work we do involve Content Management System (CMS) web design, which primarily involves WordPress. We would like to explore this area initially, and later include other services like E-Commerce, SEO & Maintenance.

Most of our clients today are from Australia. We also work with clients from UK and different parts of Europe. Please remember that these are all direct clients, and do not come through any partner companies, as we do not have any partners as of yet, at least not till the date of writing this post.

If you think you would like to explore the idea of working with us, you are most welcome to contact us. We would love to hear from you.